Thunder & Lightning - The August 2023 Monthly Club

Thunder & Lightning - The August 2023 Monthly Club

Progress Keepers: Storm Cloud, Sheep, Baby Ram, Lightning Bolt

Stitch Markers: Storm Cloud mix of blues, greys, and yellows


Once upon a time in Africa, there lived a mischievous duo known as Lightning and Thunder. Thunder, disguised as a mother sheep, and Lightning, in the form of a ram, caused quite a ruckus in their village. Whenever Lightning got angry, he would go on a rampage, setting everything ablaze with his fiery touch. In response, Thunder would let out a deafening shout to scold her wayward son. Needless to say, the villagers were not pleased with this constant chaos and decided to take their complaints to the king.

What did the king do about it?

Upon hearing the villagers' grievances, the king decided to banish Lightning and Thunder from the village. He believed that by removing them from the vicinity, peace would be restored. However, little did he know that this decision would only fuel Lightning's anger and mischief. The ram became even more determined to wreak havoc on the villagers, while Thunder's shouts grew louder and more frequent.

What happened next?

As Lightning and Thunder ventured further away from the village, their antics became more outrageous. Lightning would set entire fields ablaze, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. Thunder's shouts echoed through the land, causing animals to tremble in fear. The once peaceful countryside was now a chaotic battleground between the mischievous duo and the terrified villagers.

Was there any hope for reconciliation?

Despite their troublesome behavior, Lightning and Thunder were not entirely heartless. Deep down, they longed for acceptance and a chance to mend their ways. One day, a wise old woman approached them and offered her guidance. She explained that their powers could be used for good if they learned to control their anger and work together.

Did they listen to the wise old woman?

Realizing the wisdom in the old woman's words, Lightning and Thunder decided to change their ways. Lightning vowed to use his electrifying power to light up the night sky, bringing joy and wonder to all who witnessed it. Thunder, on the other hand, promised to use her booming voice to warn the villagers of impending danger, ensuring their safety.

What happened to the villagers?

With Lightning and Thunder's newfound purpose, the villagers began to see them in a different light. They marveled at the beautiful lightning displays and appreciated Thunder's timely warnings. The once fearful villagers now regarded Lightning and Thunder as protectors and friends.

And they all lived happily ever after?

From that day forward, Lightning and Thunder became beloved figures in the village. Their story spread far and wide, reminding people of the power of transformation and the importance of second chances. And whenever a storm raged in the sky, the villagers would smile, knowing that it was Lightning and Thunder working together to bring both awe and safety.

So, the next time you witness a thunderstorm, remember the tale of Lightning and Thunder. It's a story of redemption, friendship, and the incredible things that can happen when we channel our energy in the right direction.

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