2023 Monthly Club Theme Announcement!

2023 Monthly Club Theme Announcement!
Introducing the Fairytale & Folktale Monthly Makers Club!
Every month, you'll receive a package filled with knitting notions and tools inspired by classic fairy tales and folktales. You can expect to work up something full of whimsy and magic in no time, making this the perfect gift for any knitter in your life. Each piece is handcrafted and carefully selected to match each month's theme, and care has been taken not to disappoint. 
While the contents of each month's package will remain a mystery until they are shipped, we've curated some of our favorite stories to inspire you throughout the year (and you'll get a copy of that month's story with your notions!)
  • January: Snow Queen (Denmark)
  • February: Enchanted Rose (France)
  • March: Frog Prince (Germany)
  • April: The Llama's Secret (Argentina)
  • May: Ugly Duckling (Denmark)
  • June: Pele's Revenge (Hawaii)
  • July: Siren (Denmark)
  • August: The Story of Lightning & Thunder (Africa)
  • September: Little Red Riding Hood (France)
  • October: Baba Yaga (Russia)
  • November: The Pumpkin in the Jar (Philipines)
  • December: Hansel & Gretel (Germany)
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